Mecalor, Annual Human Resources Journey

Discover the power of MECALOR, the leading thermal engineering company in Latin America! Since its establishment in Sao Paulo in 1960, this renowned company has made its mark in various sectors such as plastics, automotive, food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, appliances, mechanical/metallurgical, HVAC, data centers, and more. And now, MECALOR has opened its doors in Mexico since 2019 to bring its excellence and expertise to our country.

At MECALOR, quality and continuous improvement are paramount. That’s why we prioritize strengthening and integrating our talented team. In late June, in the beautiful city of Puebla, we held a significant Human Resources event. The goal was to empower all our team members, foster a strong alignment with our organizational values, and establish unwavering commitment to the goals set for 2023.

We sincerely thank MECALOR for trusting HB to organize our 1st Annual HR Journey. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you and the Dandara Equestrian Center for these remarkable leadership and integration sessions. We wish you great success in achieving your goals for 2023.

MECALOR, thank you for entrusting HB with your HR event. It was a pleasure to collaborate with you and the Dandara Equestrian Center to create an excellent experience for your team. We wish you every success in achieving your objectives for 2023.

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